Product Name : RF-A
Product Description

Design Features

  • Can be used for solid state fermentation or cell culture.
  • The volume of the vessel can be customized according to needs.
  • Equipped with two layers of glass to better the efficiency of the thermal control.
  • The impeller can be re-designed according to needs.
  • Equipped with illumination units for photosynthesis reaction.
Product Introduction
  • Vessel volume: 5-20L constructed using Pyrex class, autoclavable
  • Material: 316SS stainless steel
  • Method for temperature control: water circulated in between two layers of glass
  • Range for temperature control: 5-50 ℃
  • Accuracy for temperature distribution: ±1 at 20 ℃
  • Algorithm: in PID control with overheating prevention devices
  • Display: LED
  • Agitation: 5-30 rpm (adjustable)
  • Drive: top drive from the headplate
  • Airflow: 2-20 splm
  • Air filter: 0.2μm
  • Illumination units: 6.8W RGB solar lamps
  • Range for humidity control: 50-90% R.H.
  • Humidity control: a PID controller(an ultrasonic atomizing humidifer is optional)
  • Range for pressure undertake: 0-0.2 kg/cm2
  • Working temeprature: < 50 ℃
  • Power supply: 110V, 50-60 Hz, 8A