Product Name : BTF-10SIP
Product Description


  • Has an industrial-grade microprocessor.
  • Contains a touch panel human machine interface.
  • With a detachable agitation system driven by a servo motor.
  • Equipped with a vessel containing thermally controlled jackets.
  • Can be calibrated using software.
  • Talks to PC in a two way communication Assembled using store-buy parts.
  • Allows user to change parameters flexibly.
Product Introduction
Design Features
  • Equipped with stainless steel jackets.
  • With advanced D.O. control.
  • With programmable peristaltic pumps that measure the volume.
  • With a user-friendly HMI which permits parameters to be adjusted.
  • With battery-protected memory to store vital parameters.
  • With automated pH/DO calibration through sophisticated algorithm.
  • In a two-way communication via Ethernet/Modbus.
  • Top plate stainless steel, stainless steel jacketed tank.
  • Capacity: 14Liter    Vessel ratio:1:2.3.
  • Max. working volumn:10 liter
  • Min. working volumn:5 liter
  • Mixing method: upper direct drive
  • Sensors: Ports of the pH/DO/Temperature probe(12mm) Lower side of vessel
  • Sampling valve and ring sparger for air
  • 3 12mm spare ports.
  • Foam probe.
  • Vessel volume: 14 Liters
  • Temperature control range: 5 ℃ above ambient to 60 ℃
  • Agitation speed: 10--600 rpm (impeller ratio: 1/2)
  • Volume of air inflow: 1 to 20 LPM
  • Gas mixing:N2/O2/Air/O2 (option for tissue culture)
  • pH control range: 2.00-12.00
  • DO control range: 0-150%
  • Air filter for inlet and exhaust: 0.2 µm
  • Type of foaming probe: conductivity
  • Communication protocol: Ethernet/Modbus
  • Peristaltic pumps: programmable for acid addition, base addition, defoaming, and/or feeding
  • Touch-panel human-machine interface: 8”color
  • Dimension: 80Wx65Dx120H cm
  • Dry weight: 110 Kg (approximately)
  • Power supply: 2.5KW(110/220Vac/50-60 Hz)
  • Pressure for air supply: 1.5-2 Kg/cm2
  • Temperature for cooling water: 15-20℃

Product specifications

Model Specification BTF – 10SIP (Sterilized-in-place fermentor)
Temperature control Temperature probe: Pt-100
Measure range: 0-150.0 °C
Control range: 0-50°C
Accuracy: ±0.5 °C
Control mode: PID with Hi/Lo Band
Cooling: Controlled cooling water via solenoid valve
Heating: Heating water temperature via heater, with circulating water pump
Heater: 3.6KW with limit protector
Sterilization method: The sterilization process is automatically heated by the steam(or heater) of the jacket
Agitation control Direct stirring at the top, ultra-quiet AC servo control motor
Speed range: 10- 600rpm、700W
Accuracy: +/-1 RPM
Control mode: PID via D.O Cascade control.
pH control pH electrode (Mettler/Halmilton Ø12mmx325mm)
This system provides four sets of variable speed peristaltic pumps. It can be set freely for adding acid and alkali or for defoaming or feeding.
Control range: 2.00 to 12.00 pH ±0.01
The electrode calibration is automatically calculated by software, and has offset input
With pH Envent Fall / Rise control
With Time-Profile and event Control
Dissolved control DO Eelectrode: Mettler/Halmilton Ø12mmx120mm
DO control mode:PI  control mode. Dissolved oxygen setting and corresponding conditions (agitation/air flow/vessel pressure)
Dissolved oxygen control strategy:
a. Sequence of setting corresponding control conditions according to application requirements (agitation/air flow/vessel pressure).
b. High and low limit values of controllable settings (agitation/air flow/vessel pressure).
According to the set change amount the control system will automatically adjust the set value after the set time.
Control range :0 - 100% 
Measurement range :0% - 100%
The electrode calibration is automatically calculated by software, with Offset mumerical compensation function.
With Time-Profile and event Control
With pH Envent Fall / Rise control
Four-gas mixing control expandable. (Air/CO2/O2/NH3)
Foam control Type: conductivity type
Defoamer injection time can be set (0-99sec)
Sensing height and sensitivity adjustable, with noise reset time adjustment (0-20sec)
Air sparger Air sparger(Ring type)
Rotameter: 0-20LPM , Mass flow control is optional
Feeding pump Provide four sets of peristaltic pump flexible use
Pumping rate: 2-30ML/min (According to tube inner diameter)
Accessories 2 filters(2μm), 2 500cc G45 bottle, 1 1000cc G45 bottle, 10 tube clamp, 10M 5*8 Silicone tube, Tools set
Communication Ethernet/Modbus
Power requirements 220Vac/50-60Hz 2.5KW
Sterilization method Sterilization in place or Electric heating in place sterilization (220Vac /3.6KW)
Dimensions 80Wx65Dx120Hcm
Weight about 110Kg