Product Name : AF-B
Product Description

Design Features

  • In PID control.
  • With a vessel and jackets made of stainless steel.
  • With a built-in pressure regulator.
  • With multi-function and advanced D.O. control.
  • With programmable peristaltic pumps that measure volume.
  • With an open frame for easy operation and maintenance.
  • With battery-protected memory to store vital parameters.
  • pH/DO can be calibrated automatically using software.
  • Digit output for all measures.
  • Allows users to control remotely.
Product Introduction
  • Controlled using an industrial-grade microprocessor.
  • Contains a color touch panel HMI.
  • Contains air condensers with high efficiency.
  • Equipped with a vessel containing thermally controlled jackets.
  • Can be calibrated using software in 2 ways.
  • Built with air-driven diaphragm valves.
  • Assembled using store-buy parts.
  • Parameters can be adjusted flexibly and openly.
Headplate / Vessel
  • Separated to two parts, convenient for maintenance.
  • Contains three19mm ports for feeding.
  • The height of foaming probes can be adjusted.
  • Contains a port for pressure probe, coming with a 1.5” sanitary quick connector.
  • Equipped with an air condenser.
  • Cotains an upper-entry feeding valve, (25mm and autoclavable)
  • Upper portion of the headplate has an air-lift device, easy for operation.
  • Vessel volume: 30-200 Liters
  • Temperature control range: 5 above ambient to 60 ℃
  • Volume of air inflow: 0.5-500 slpm (depedant on the volume)
    10-100 slpm (50L)
    20-200 slpm (100L)
  • pH control range: 2.00-12.00
  • DO control range: 0-100% (controlling in cascade AG/AIR/PRESSURE)
  • Air filter for inlet and exhaust: 0.01 µm (autoclavable)
  • Type of foaming probe: conductivity
  • Working range for pressure: 0-3 Kg/cm2
  • Valves: food-industry air-driven diaphram valves
  • Communication protocol: RS-232 two ways
  • Peristaltic pumps: programmable for acid addition, base addition,defoaming, and/or feeding
  • Type of liquid-level detection: conductivity type (fed batch)
  • Power supply: 220 Vac/50-60 Hz in 3 phases
  • An spring jack is used to lift the headplate
  • (optional) 4-gas mixer: N2/CO2/Air/O2 (propotional or MassFlow)
  • (optional) Biomass on-line analyzer

Product specifications

  AF – B30L AF – B50L AF – B100L
Vessel volume 30 Liters 50 Liters 100 Liters
Max. working vol. 21 Liters 35 Liters 70 Liters
Dimension for inner pipes Ratio in height: 2/3, and ration in diameter: 1/2
Headplate spec. 3 19mm diaphragm ports for feeding
1 35mm port for inoculation
2 ports for foaming probes
1 window for illumination
1 port for foaming detector
3 upper autoclavable side-entry ports for feeding
1 port for air condenser
Vessel specification Stainless steel vessel and jackets Polish: In. #400, Ex. #200
Air-lifting method Automatic and spring-assisted
Temperature Ctrl (during fermentation) Control range: 0 – 60℃ (Pt-100) Control mode: PID
pH Control Control range: 2 – 12.00 pH Control mode: PID with ON/OFF timing control
DO control Control range: 0 – 100% Control mode: Cascade Agitation, air flow, pressure, and temperature can be changed according to DO setting.
Air flow control 0-50 Liters flow flowmeter (MassFlow meter is optional) 0-100 Liters flow flowmeter (MassFlow meter is optional) 0-200 Liters flow flowmeter (MassFlow meter is optional)
Pressure control (optional) 0-1.5KG/cm2
Foaming control 2 conductive controllers (position adjustable)
Peristaltic pumps 4 programmable pumps (for acid addition, base addition, foaming control, and feeding) With stepless variable speed (0-50 RPM) Capable of measuring volume
On-board data command center 8” color touch panel with industrial-grade microprocessor
Data communication 2-way through RS232 to communicate with BioSoft
Piping Stainless pipes Food-industry-grade air-controlled valves
Sterilization In place using steam
Power Supply 220Vac/50-60Hz

The above specification is subject to change will be announced.