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  • Has an industrial-grade microprocessor.
  • Contains a touch panel human machine interface.
  • With a detachable agitation system driven by a servo motor.
  • Equipped with a vessel containing thermally controlled jackets.
  • Can be calibrated using software.
  • Talks to PC in a two way communication Assembled using store-buy parts.
  • Allows user to change parameters flexibly.
Design Features
  • Equipped with stainless steel jackets.
  • With advanced D.O. control.
  • With programmable peristaltic pumps that measure the volume.
  • With a user-friendly HMI which permits parameters to be adjusted.
  • With battery-protected memory to store vital parameters.
  • With automated pH/DO calibration through sophisticated algorithm.
  • In a two-way communication via RS-485.
  • The vessel contains thermally-controlled jackets in the bottom.
  • The upper portion of the vessel is made with strong thermo-glass.
  • Culture can be sampled from the headplate.
  • There are several 12mm ports reserved for pH/DO probes.
  • There are three standard 12mm ports for feeding.
  • The height of foaming probes can be adjusted.
  • An 8mm port is made for the temperature probe.
  • It is equipped with an air condenser.
  • Handles on each side of the headplate to facilitate moving.
  • Agitation unit mounted on the headplate is directly driven by a servo motor.
  • Vessel volume: 3/5/10 Liters
  • Temperature control range: 5 oC above ambient to 60 oC
  • Agitation speed: 0-1500/0-1000/0-600 rpm (impeller ratio: 1/2)
  • Volume of air inflow: 0.5 to 10 slpm (for a 5 liter vessel)
  • Gas mixing:N2/O2/Air/O2 (for tissue culture)
  • pH control range: 2.00-12.00
  • DO control range: 0-150%
  • Air filter for inlet and exhaust: 0.2 um
  • Type of foaming probe: conductivity
  • Communication protocol: RS-232/RS-485
  • Peristaltic pumps: programmable for acid addition, base addition, defoaming, and/or feeding
  • Touch-panel human-machine interface: color/monochrome
  • Dimension: 60W x 60H x 50D cm3
  • Dry weight: 70 Kg (approximately)
  • Power supply: 220Vac/50-60 Hz
  • Pressure for air supply: 1.5-2 Kg/cm2
  • Temperature for cooling water: 15-20 oC.

Product specifications

Model Specification



BTF – A10L

Vessel volume

3.8 Liters

6.5 Liters

12.5 Liters

Max. working vol.

3.0 Liters

5.0 Liters

10.0 Liters


Ratio: 1/2

Headplate spec.

5 12mm process ports (for pH electrodes, DO electrodes, etc.) 1 tube for temperature probe 1 port for foaming detector 1 sampling tube 1 air inlet 1 condenser

Vessel specification

Glass vessel with stainless steel jackets

Agitation Ctrl Motors (optional)

0 to1200 rpm (PID) AC Servo(1KW)

0 to 1000 rpm (PID) AC Servo(1KW)

0 to 800 rpm (PID) AC Servo(1KW)

Temperature Ctrl (during fermentation)

Control range: 0 – 60O C (Pt-100) Control mode: PID Cooling method: cooling water is circulated using electromagnetic valves Heating method: through a heater (400W with overheating-proof device) that contains a water pump

pH Control

Control range: 2 – 12.00 pH Control mode: PID with ON/OFF timing control

DO control

Control range: 0 – 100% Control mode: Cascade Agitation, air flow, pressure, and temperature can be changed according to DO setting.

Air flow control

0-5 Liters flow flowmeter (MassFlow meter is optional)

0-10 Liters flow flowmeter (MassFlow meter is optional)

0-15 Liters flow flowmeter (MassFlow meter is optional)

Pressure control (optional)


Foaming control

2 conductive controllers (position adjustable)

Photosynthesis unit

Feedback control thru lux sensors Range of detection: 0-20,000 Lux, corresponding to 0-5V or 4-20 mA for output Range of control: 0-12,000 Lux Automatic on or off according to feedback signal Timed events can be achieved using script to turn on/off the individual lamps.

Peristaltic pumps

4 programmable pumps (for acid addition, base addition, foaming control, and feeding) With stepless variable speed (0-50 RPM) Capable of measuring volume

On-board data command center

6” monochrome touch panel (color touch panel is optional)

Data communication

2-way through RS232/RS485


Stainless pipes Food-industry-grade air-controlled valves


In an autoclave


4 Millipore 0.2um filters, 2 500cc Pyrex bottles, and 1 1000cc Pyrex bottle 1 4-bottle holder, and 10 clamps for silicon tube 10 m 5*8 silicon tube, and 1 tool kit

Power Supply

220Vac/50-60Hz 15A


60Wx50Dx60H cm3

60Wx50Dx60H cm3

60Wx50Dx65H cm3





The above specification is subject to change will be announced.