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Design Features
  • Can be used for solid state fermentation or cell culture.
  • Can be used to hold bottles with different sizes.
  • With all-in-one design, easy to maintain and install.
  • The mechanism can be re-designed according to the number of bottles.
  • Vessel volume: 500-2000 mL
  • Temperature control: an external thermal control unit is required.
  • Agitation: 10-50 rpm (direction can be altered according to timed events or system feedback)
  • Drive: through v-shape conveyer belts
  • Material: aluminum alloy for conveyer belt wheels and PU-coated wheels for rolling bottles
  • Airflow: 1-5 splm
  • Air filter: 0.2 um (autoclavable)
  • Range for pressure undertake: 0-0.2 kg/cm2
  • Working temperature: < 50 oC
  • Power supply: 110V, 50-60 Hz, 5A

The above specification is subject to change will be announced .