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  • Design according to your working environment and requirements
  • High-quality construction and strict piping.
  • Contains a user-friendly HMI.
  • Allows sterilization in place.
  • With an agitation system directly driven by an AC servo motor.
  • Designed in open piping.
  • With air-driven diaphragm valves in food/beverageindustry grade.
  • With store-buy parts for easy maintenance.
  • Parameters can be adjusted easily and flexibly.
Design Features
  • We are your top choice for large-scale production. When lab products are ready to be introduced to the market, stability and rates of good yields during manufacturing are vital. Therefore, to answer your needs in sterilization and mass production, we integrate our strength in manufacturing and experiences in fermentation to provide satisfactory solutions. In addition, our products come with great service to lessen your worries, and to boost your market domination.
  • With ring type gaskets.
  • With four upper side-entry 25mm ports for electrodes.
  • With four lower side-entry 25mm ports for electrodes.
  • With four 19mm ports in the headplate for feeding.
  • With two ports for foaming electrodes.
  • With one autoclavable pressure sensor.
  • With one autoclavable and food/beverageind ustry-grade harvest valve allocated at the bottom.
  • With one autoclavable side-entry valve for sampling
  • With one glass viewing window.
  • With one port for inoculation.
  • Vessel volume: 1000-50000 Liters (SS316L used for the inner vessel)
  • Polish on the vessel: 400 mesh(inner)
  • Temperature control range: 5 oC above ambient to 60 oC
  • Agitation speed: 10-350 rpm
  • Volume of air inflow: 1000-50000 slpm (D.P.Flow/Mass flow)
  • pH control range: 2.00-12.00
  • DO control range: 0-100% (controlling in cascade AG/AIR/PRESSURE)
  • Air filter for inlet and exhaust: 0.01 μm (autoclavable)
  • Type of foaming probe: conductivity
  • Working range for pressure: 0-3 Kg/cm2
  • Valves: food-industry air-driven diaphram valves
  • Communication protocol: RS-485 two ways
  • Peristaltic pumps: programmable for acid addition, base addition,defoaming, and/or feeding
  • Power supply: 220 or 380 Vac/50-60 Hz in 3 phases
  • Air supply: 2-3 kg/cm2 (for fermentor), 5-6 Kg/cm2 (for air-drivenvalves)
  • Water supply: 1.5-2.5 Kg/cm2
  • Steam supply: 2.5-4 Kg/cm2
  • The outlook of the frame can be designed according to customer’s needs.

Product specifications

           Model Specification

BTF – D1000L

BTF – D5000L

BTF – D50000L

Vessel volume

1000 Liters

5000 Liters

50000 Liters

Max. working vol.

800 Liters

4000 Liters

40000 Liters


Ratio of turbine: 1/3

Headplate spec.

4 25mm ports for feeding 1 35mm port for inoculation 2 ports for foaming electrodes 1 window for illumination. 4 upper autoclavable valves for feeding 6 lower side-entry ports for electrodes (located at the bottom) 1 autoclavable side-entry valve for sampling Autocalvable harvest valves (located at the bottom)

Vessel specification

Stainless steel equipped with thermos jackets Polish: In. #400 Ex. #200

Agitation Ctrl Motors

15Hp-4P AC motor with a decelerator and a frequency converter 10 to 240 rpm (PID)

30Hp-4P AC motor with a decelerator and a frequency converter 10 to 180 rpm (PID)

100Hp-4P AC motor with a decelerator and a frequency converter 10 to 120 rpm (PID)

Temperature Ctrl (during fermentation)

Control range: 0 – 60O C (Pt-100) Control mode: PID

pH Control

Control range: 2 – 12.00 pH Control mode: PID with ON/OFF timing control

DO control

Control range: 0 – 100% Control mode: Cascade Agitation, air flow, pressure, and temperature can be changed according to DO setting.

Air flow volume

Pressure difference flow controller (corresponding to the vessel volume)

Pressure control


Foaming control

2 conductive controllers with high-level trigged control

Reservoirs for acid addition, base addition, and defoaming.

3 programmable pumping reservoirs: for acid addition, base addition, and defoaming (Optional) Function for measuring volume

On-board data command center

12” color touch screen with industrial-grade PLCs

Data communication

2-way through RS232 High-level controls can be performed using Bio-Soft.


Stainless pipes Food-industry-grade air-controlled valves


Automatic in-place sterilization With user-defined parameters

Power Supply

220 or 380 Vac/50-60Hz 20A



Dry weight


The above specification is subject to change will be announced.